How to use the FIMT Barcode Database

If you want to upload a sequence to the FIMT Barcode Database navigate to the Upload and compare page. On this page it is required to enter several fields including the sequence and information regarding the sequence. This information will be used in the output file and if we wish to contact you. All information uploaded is confidential

You can paste one sequence directly into the text box on the Upload and compare page, or you can upload a file with one or multiple sequences.

The file you want to upload and compare to the FIMT Barcode Database needs to be in FASTA format (with file extention .fasta, .fas or .fna). This is the general file format for any genomic sequences. You can either submit a file containing only one sequence or a file containing multiple sequences.

Please see the following examples for a FASTA file containing a single sequence or a FASTA file containing multiple sequences

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